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    The Ohio National
    November 9th and 10th, 2013

    Large Fowl Buckeyes
(The American Buckeye Poultry Club National Meet,
    a class of 41 large fowl.)
    - BB cockerel
    - 3rd cockerel
    - 4th pullet

    Central Indiana Poultry Club, Lebanon, IN
    October 19th, 2013

    Large Fowl Buckeyes
    - BB cockerel
    - RB cockerel
    - 1st pullet
    - 3rd pullet

    Bluegrass Poultry Association, Frankfort, KY
    October 26th, 2013

    Large Fowl Buckeyes
    - BB & RCH American, pullet
    - RB cockerel
    - 2nd cockerel
    - 2nd pullet

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Some Kudos:

Thanks to the following poultry breeders for providing us with foundation stock over
the years:

LeJean Marshall, Jean Robocker, Duane Urch, Ken Lee, Matt John, Ric Ashcraft,
Shelby Harrington, Donna McCormick, Doug Akers, Kate Moreales, Kelly Cratty,
Barbara Campbell, Don Schrider, and the Holderreads.

A huge thank you to James, Colleen, and Allie for all the hard work they do to help
keep this farm running. Without them there would be no farm.

And as always, my thanks to my maternal grandfather, William H. Vodrey, for getting
me started on the path to loving and owning poultry and horses, and our parents for
their support in what they consider a rather odd hobby.

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We have been showing our poultry since our first 4-H show in 2001. We began
keeping records in 2006. We took a break from showing after the New England
Congress show in the spring of 2010, and are now back in the fall of 2013, where
we won Best of Breed or higher in every show we attended.

Note that for the years between 2007 and 2010, I am still behind in updating the
website. But I do have a pile of cage cards to do that with (see pic below), once I
get some spare time. The majority of the time we showed, especially with our
Buckeyes, we placed either BB or RB.

Poultry purchased from us has a very good chance of doing well at shows, as long
as the customer provides good nutrition, housing, and conditions their birds well.
As a well-known judge said to me, "Remember, when a chicken is being judged,
type is 60%, color is 30%, and condition is 10% of the points."
Best of Breed cockerel,
Central Indiana Poultry Club
October, 2013.
Reserve Champion American, pullet,
Bluegrass Poultry Association,
October, 2013.
The pile of cage cards yet to be
entered in as show results.
Best of Breed at the American Buckeye
Poultry Club National Meet, in a class of
41 Buckeyes, one of the largest ever!