Poultry Clubs
Yes, there are two Buckeye clubs.

The club I founded in 2008 is the American Buckeye
Poultry Club. It is a registered non-profit. It has an
elected Board of Directors. It has Bylaws and a
Constitution. It puts out a quarterly newsletter. It has a
Members-Only Yahoo group with access to more than
50 valuable files available only to paid members. It
does have membership dues, just like 99.9% of every
other poultry breed club out there. Why?
Because you get what you pay for.

The other Buckeye club? It is not a registered
non-profit. It does
not have an elected Board of
Directors. It has
no Bylaws or Constitution. Yes,
membership is free. See above.

I encourage anyone who is interested in Buckeyes to
do their homework and to check out both clubs and to
make the choice that is right for them based on what
they find on the websites of both clubs and the
members of same.  
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