Purchasing Buckeyes from Pathfinders Farm

    As of spring of 2014, due to health reasons, we have
    decided not to ship chicks any longer. We've been
    doing it for a number of years, and at this point, due
    to the efforts of many members of the American
    Buckeye Poultry Club and The Livestock
    Conservancy, the numbers of Buckeyes in North
    America have moved from about 500 in 2008 to more
    than 5,000 at the present time.

    We have never sold Buckeyes to make money, in fact
    at one point we ran the numbers and determined we
    lost money on every box of chicks we shipped. It has
    always been our goal to help improve the breed and
    increase its numbers, and as of now, the Livestock
    Conservancy has moved the Buckeye from its Critical
    list to its Threatened list, which we take as a very
    good sign.

    Now it's time for Stage Two, as it were, to focus on
    breeding the very best Buckeyes all of us can (not that
    we didn't do that before, of course.)

    For those wishing to purchase chicks, I encourage you
    to seek out a member of the ABPC near you, using
    this Breeders List to find someone from whom to
    purchase birds. A number of the folks on that list also
    ship chicks as well as started birds, and we feel
    certain that you should be able to find good quality
    specimens of the breed from the folks on that list.

    And as always, we are more than willing to assist
    folks, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need
    help. You can find us in the ABPC Facebook group or
    you can send us an email. We're not going away
    completely, just scaling back to a more manageable
Prices for Buckeyes
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