The pictures on this page are from the farm my great-grandfather owned, that is now jointly owned by my family (all his descendants.)
    He and his son (my grandfather) raised and bred American Saddlebred horses; he also raised cattle, swine, waterfowl, and a variety of poultry.
Historic Photos
The Horse Barn, circa 1940.
Some of the horses my great-grandfather bred circa 1937-38.
One of my great-grandfather's stallions, circa 1937.
Junior, the Belgian stallion who was so big he used to kick out the
door of his stall and go walkabout.
Some of my great-grandfather's flock of Pekin
ducks and Toulouse geese, circa 1940.
My great- grandfather's list of his poultry (including some of
their names) in 1947 (this was written by my grandfather.)
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My grandfather with some of his chickens when he
was a toddler, circa 1904.